z Help

This Google Site is a flexible website, and integrates Google Calendar, Drive and Groups.  In addition to these commonly used Google services, others can also be readily integrated into the site. 

Check out the Google Apps Help Guide site for getting the most from Google services used on this site.  It includes a Google Apps overview and two help sections:

User Help

This section is specifically for general members and includes information about the services, how to set up a Google Account (optional) and how to set up and use various Google services.  Examples of items covered:
  • Accounts - what type of account do I need, how do I get setup...
  • Calendars - how to use them in my Google Account, how to add them to my Smartphone, how to add them to my computer's calendar applications
  • Drive - how to access and use files
  • Groups - how to manage my settings
  • etc.

Manager Help

This section is for people that are involved in the leadership team including information about how to configure the various services.


2do still:
  • Add Tools page?
  • Add Quick link(s) in Sidebar
  • Clean up TBDs
Steps to convert into Demo-Live:
  1. Finish the Demo site before making the copy
  2. Copy the site
  3. Sidebar - change the 'Unlock private pages' links to point to the new site.
  4. Activate Page-level permissions - do this in Sharing.
  5. Members-Private & Managers-Private pages: remove the Pink Message Boxes
Subpages (1): Test of Styles